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Cittadella (PD), 30 November 2017 Read and download: Comunicato Stampa AIF

Arcadia wins the 3rd Edition of the “AIF Adriano Olivetti” Award

Cittadella (PD), 20 December 2017 – Arcadia wins the AIF Adriano Olivetti Award for the third year in a row. The “Remote People Management” behavior simulator developed for UniCredit and the 3D video mapping for the First Aid and Neuro-leadership training activity for ATM Spa are distinguished and rewarded.   A brilliant result achieved by Arcadia Consulting at the third edition of the AIF Adriano Olivetti Award. The Award aims to disseminate good practices on innovative paths for learning and exploitation of people and the development of reference organizations. For the third consecutive year, Arcadia has the great pleasure of coming out victorious from this contest dedicated to training products; with over 200 members, 250 projects evaluated by 150 jurors. Following are the awarding areas: Markets & Competitiveness 1st Place Arcadia Remote People Management Personal & Organizational Safety 2nd Classified ex Aequo 3D Mapping for Safety Personal & Organizational Safety Technical Innovation Evaluation Mention for the 3D Mapping project for Safety Section Methodology Training New Technology and Digital 1st Classified New Technology and Digital – Arcadia Remote People Management for Unicredit Category Participant Small and Medium Enterprises 1st Classified (ex aequo) – Small and Medium Enterprises for the Arcadia Remote People Management Project.

Winning projects:

The project of the “Remote People Management” behavior simulator was developed and designed by Arcadia to train and develop the skills of UniCredit managers to manage “virtual teams”. Personnel who, in Italy and abroad, in the office and in smart working, with heterogeneous professional backgrounds and cultural differences, operate in remote management, under the same managerial responsibility. Managers who manage teams remotely require a managerial approach, skills and additional skills compared to those who run teams on site. “Remote People Management” allows learning the soft skills necessary to face this new reality, through an online training course, based on the simulation of “remote” personnel management scenarios. The First Aid and Neuro-leadership courses for ATM Spa were implemented by Arcadia Consulting using components of the AAL® methodology and inserting the 3D video-mapping technology as a driving element of the training. Unusual use of this technology in the field of company training. 3D video-mapping consists in projecting static images and animations on flat surfaces or three-dimensional shapes of objects. It is used more frequently in the entertainment world. We invite you to visit the page where all the awards given for the III Edition of the AIF Adriano Olivetti Award are present:

MAURIZIO MILAN AIF National President


FULVIO SPERDUTO President of the AIF Delegation of Lombardy

GUIDO STRATTA Head of HR Development and Senior Executives HR Business Partner Enel

MARINA MONTEPILLI Head of Human Resources at Alleanza Assicurazioni

ANTONELLA SALVATORE Director, Center for Professional and Continuing Education and Career Services, M.B.A. Business Administration Department, John Cabot University

OSCAR DI MONTIGNY Director of Marketing, Communication & Innovation Banca Mediolanum

KLAUS ALGIERI President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza

Coordinates LORENZO BRUFANI CEO Competence

Follows the CERIMONIA DI PREMIAZIONE III edition of the Adriano Olivetti Award

To participate at the event it is mandatory to send a confirmation email no later than Monday 19 March to: