Continuing Education - Arcadia
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Continuing Education


We work alongside people and organizations to favor the development of talents and the updating of skills at all levels, through innovative training paths designed according to the AAL® Framework. Management training, advanced training, professional requalification training, regulations training, digital skills development, and trainer training are just some of the areas to which Arcadia has extended its Arcadia Augmented Learning (AAL)® model.


Continuing education aims to improve the level of professional qualification and development of people in the workforce.


Legislative measures provide national annual funds for continuing education and training and government financial resources in favor of the regions that issue calls for proposals intended for businesses and workers to finance company, sectoral and individual training plans and training vouchers (corporate and individual ones). Companies can also choose joint national interprofessional funds for the training of their employees.


Developing knowledge aimed at reaching organizational objectives through power dynamics and by involving and positively influencing people.


Improving integration and interactions within one’s own work group, avoiding the typical errors of “bosses”, managing one’s own reputation and being a leader when under pressure, with energy and equilibrium. Taking advantage of one’s personality, aptitudes and professional skills to interpret one’s role as best one can, efficiently handle one’s career, reinforce one’s self-awareness and refine the behavioral skills required for daily relationships.




A very demanding challenge for companies. The fast evolution of the work world greatly increases its complexity and requires a great capacity for adaptation. Any organizational change, such as a restructuring program, a change management path or a rethinking of a cultural and organizational model, cannot be successful if embarked upon lightly. At Arcadia, we put our own experience and skills at your disposal and support your company in defining models, strategies, workflows, processes, roles and training paths.



Project management is, by now, an essential skill for all company roles with organizational responsibility, from technicians to managers. Traditional Project Management courses are often abstract and centered on the planning and control phases. Arcadia has revolutionized and “augmented” this model by applying the AAL® methodology framework to it.

The result? Arcadia’s Piemme Game, centered on execution, uses storytelling and game mechanics to improve the learning experience. Practical and rich in challenges, either online or in the classroom, it exploits the potential of simulations in Simultrain, a state-of-the-art tool in the sector. It is immersive, visual, digital and social. More effective, faster and more fun.


Sales training is not “like it used to be”. In the digital world, it is based on storytelling, client education and innovation.


The effective “salesperson” understands the client’s business, loves to talk, always has a different world vision, and transforms the buying experience of his interlocutor. Arcadia proposes blended learning solutions, with the application of game mechanics and particular attention to a specific target: the Key Account Manager.


Come see all the applications we offer for continuing learning